Mockingbird Momma
*shakes head*

Sometimes I forget that not everyone does things like gentle parenting and responding when their babies cry and letting their kids express who they are and what they need. I get too complacent with the mumblrs I follow and the parents I know on facebook and livejournal who raise their children similarly I guess.

Then I visit a more mainstream parenting site, and I see them giving advice that is just awful and cruel IMO or look at the ignorant things some parents advise each other on various forums.

Worse, I listen to the moms at the park this morning advising another mom to spank her three year old every time he wets his bed and wonder what causes another human being to have so little empathy for a small child.

Or my oldest son comes home from a friend’s house early for at least the tenth time because he had to leave when his friend’s father started whipping his son with a belt for not calling him “Sir” and all I can wonder is what kind of relationship this man thinks he will ever have with his son when he can’t even listen to him without hitting him @_@

And I realize I have never been so glad to be “weird” because I wouldn’t want to live in a home where I raise my children the way they do anyway…